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Behind the Scenes - Crafting New Spring Cocktails

Spring is here, and with it comes a new season of fresh flavors and exciting cocktail possibilities. As a bartender, it's an exciting time to experiment with new ingredients and techniques to create the perfect spring cocktails for our customers. Do you like to create delicious cocktails to enjoy when you're at home? Here are some tips and ideas for crafting delicious and refreshing spring cocktails:

  1. Incorporate Fresh Ingredients: Spring is all about freshness, so incorporating fresh fruits, herbs, and juices into your cocktails is a must. Consider using seasonal ingredients like strawberries, raspberries, mint, basil, and cucumber for a burst of flavor and color.

  2. Play with Texture: Spring cocktails can benefit from a variety of textures, such as frothy egg whites, bubbly club soda, or sparkling wine. These textures can add a refreshing and playful element to your cocktails.

  3. Think Light and Refreshing: With the warmer weather comes a desire for lighter and more refreshing cocktails. Consider using low-ABV spirits like vermouth or sherry, or creating spritzes and other light and bubbly drinks.

  4. Experiment with Bitters: Bitters are a great way to add depth and complexity to your cocktails. Consider using floral or citrus-based bitters to add a spring-like flavor to your drinks.

  5. Don't Forget the Garnish: A well-placed garnish can make all the difference in a cocktail's appearance and flavor. Consider using fresh herbs or edible flowers as a garnish to add a pop of color and flavor to your drinks.

Spring is an exciting time to experiment with new ingredients and techniques to create the perfect cocktails for our customers. By incorporating fresh ingredients, playing with texture, thinking light and refreshing, experimenting with bitters, and adding a well-placed garnish, we create delicious and refreshing spring cocktails that are sure to impress. Our new cocktail menu is in development and will be released soon. Comment below what you'd like to see on our new menu! Cheers to a season of fresh flavors and exciting possibilities!

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